Our Tailoring Service

Only a Bespoke piece can be as unique as you are.

Emcee Couture’s bespoke pieces are made to measure, where we work together to craft a dress that represents yourself and no other.

We aspire to create a bespoke piece that fits like a glove and embodies your personal taste.


The sketch: We begin with the  inspirations – we love to see your images and ideas.  Tell me your personal style and your inspirations.

I will then sketch some initial ideas to help you visualize your dress. During the first consultation, we will discuss styles, silhouettes, textile and embellishments as well as their cost.

Creation & Construction

We bring the paper idea to life with construction of a pattern draft developed uniqely for you according to your body measurements.

Stitch by stitch your bespoke piece will be meticulously hand-sewn to your exact measurements and tailored to your individual figure, truly one-of-a-kind.


To create a truly exclusive piece, we can build upon the design with embellishments. Beadworks or Emcee Couture’s  Signature patch lace design can be added on any silhouette to create an unique design , rarely to be replicated with another piece.

We work very closely to create something that is a collaboration of creativity and a true reflection of you and your personality.