Infinity Wedding Gown : Jane


Infinity Wedding Gown

Infinity : Limitless, endless.

Emcee Couture’s inaugural Bridal collection, featuring Infinity Wedding Gown series where the collection revolves around classic, timeless and versatile designs.

Based on Natalia, a sleek strapless trumpet cut basic dress; it’s like an empty canvas, ready to be filled with color. Watch how the style and look of the gown changes with interchangeable add ons like belts, tops and skirts. Just a simple change from a High-neck topper for the “Tea Ceremony” to a whimsical off shoulders look for the rustic garden wedding. Voila! Two gowns in one.

The possibility as per the name of collection suggest, is endless.

“When ‘Infinity Wedding Gown’ series was created, I had in mind creating for women with strong taste for sleek silhouettes, clean styles and versatility. It’s for the Bride that would love something less mainstream, but at the same time appreciate a polished and natural look.”  Mei Chi,Phoon –designer of Infinity Gown Series.

Watch on You Tube, how  “Infinity Wedding Gown ” series can be transformed and styled.

Top add on for Natalia base gown

Infused with traditions.High collar, halter top with full real buttons back. Fully beaded

*This add on alone cost RM 899*

Made to measure.

Custom made gowns require time and effort, please book at least 3 months in advance to allow adequate time,effort and love spent on your dream gown.

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